Border Patrol: The Ugly Truth
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Border Patrol: The Ugly Truth ©

An Inside Look
Tales and comments from actual Border Patrol Agents

The Border Patrol is a sloppy, unorganized, and totally rogue force of federal goons. Problems start at the top and snowball down the chain. Supervisors are provided with no management training and many have little or no previous experience. For those who do feel a sense of responsibility early in their careers, it is soon quelled by their own superiors. The average field agent couldn't be any less motivated, and supervisors couldn't possibly care any less. Deficiencies in management are not the only problems, but they are the root cause of many of the others. For example, supervisors teach agents the difference between right and wrong and then turn around and encourage improper and even illegal behavior.

Agents routinely perform vehicle stops and illegal searches without having the required level of probable cause. Such actions are against the law! Why do they do it? Because they can! Why do they get away with it? Usually because the people they are harrassing are both unfamiliar with their rights and with the law.

Border Patrol Agents encounter a lot of drugs since they work so close to the international boundary. It has been said that they seize more dope than the DEA! While this may be true, at least along the border, did you ever wonder why the majority of the smugglers are never apprehended? Agents are taught and encouraged by their supervisors to not catch the bad guys! Why? Because it generates more paperwork. We have heard many stories about men who were caught with drugs in their possession by Border Patrol Agents and were forced to flee the scene. Agents screamed and yelled at them, often at gunpoint, to run back to Mexico. Some of them even fired bullets into the air or ground around the surrendering drug smugglers to scare them away. Much of this activity is done because of supervisory admonitions. Others do this out of fear because they expect the smugglers to have weapons. An agent in Arizona was killed in 1998 when he attempted to apprehend a group of narcotics smugglers.

Agents admit that the Border Patrol suffers a lot of internal problems. In addition to having major deficiencis in the area of management, they also have no decent adminitrative or personnel support. They have secretaries who refuse to answer the phone and truly haven't got a clue what their jobs are supposed to entail. Personnel? HA! Other than an office and job title it is non-existent. If it weren't for the 'Welfare to Work' program it could be shut-down and no one would ever notice the difference. The 'Welfare to Work' cases who fill the personnel specialist slots are absolutely worthless. Worst of all, they knowit, their supervisors know it, and no one can be bothered to make any changes. The people in the positions who could (and should) take the lead in bringing about changes to this unorganized organization do not care. They are a bunch of individuals concerned only with their own affairs. Many Border Patrol supervisors share a common phrase. "I've got mine!" Translated, this means that as long as they have their job, position, and pay, then anyone elses problems are of no concern. Its every man for himself! That kind of attitude runs rampid throughout the Border Patrol, spreading like an uncontrollable cancer, destroying the agency from within.

I have not seen any official statistics on their attrition rate published, but actual agents have told me that it is anywhere from 30 - 60 percent. Of the ones that remain, its more often due to the fact that they have families and financial obligations to meet rather than for loyalty to the agency.

Here is an article regarding an Agent's 'Cry for Help'

Border Patrol: Web Spoof Ad is Over the Line

By Merry Mayer

GCN Staff

"Think we won't hire you? Think again!" said an advertisement for Border Patrol agents posted on the Web. "We have recently hired known criminals, drug smugglers, gangbangers, people out of drug rehab, pizza delivery guys people who write on a fifth-grade level, and, yes, even illegal aliens." Although the ad appeared on the Web site of a Border Patrol agents' union, it was not an official want ad for the agency. It was a spoof, created and posted by a Border Patrol agent critical of what he considers his agency's lax hiring policies. Neither the Border Patrol nor its parent agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, were amused and initially launched an investigation of the San Diego Border Patrol agent, Joseph Dessaro. Dessaro said he posted the fake ad in mid-July after he heard complaints from Border Patrol instructors about the caliber and qualifications of some recruits. Dessaro posted it on a Web site belonging to the National Border Control Council Local 1613. The posting followed the recent discovery by the Border Patrol that it had hired several agents with criminal pasts, including officers found guilty of murder and drug dealing and one officer suspected of being an illegal alien, Dessaro said. Dessaro told senior Border Patrol officials he was not out to denigrate the force. He said he wanted to draw attention to inadequate background checks of new hires. As part of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, Congress ordered the INS to hire 1,000 Border Patrol agents each year over five years. Lawmakers essentially want to double the force, said Bill Strassberger, spokesman for INS' western region. Drop the subject Some agents complained about the mock posting, Strassberger said. INS dropped an investigation of the posting after it learned Dessaro designed the Web page on his own time using his own equipment, Strassberger said. The American Civil Liberties Union's San Diego Office had agreed to defend Dessaro if INS had pursued the investigation, Dessaro said. The Border Patrol has about 7,800 agents and eventually could have about 11,000 agents under the recruitment ramp-up, Strassberger said.

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Wanna hear some Ugly Stories?

Well hold onto your seats, pardners, this is where it gets incredible!

More Ugly Stories: Part Two

Yes, there are more!

More Ugly Stories: Part Three

There are soooooo many stories of abuse, fraud, and behavior that is both unprofessional and even illegal! I'll just keep adding pages as I continue to receive more information.

Think you want this job?

Then your either brave, stupid, dangerously-curious, desperately out of work, a former drug dealer or murderer, or maybe you grew up in Texas! Whatever your excuse for madness, we will include some information for you. Just remember that we told you so!

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